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Marketing Jobs at Granite Creative Group

A marketing agency designed and staffed to help businesses forge lasting connections with their target audience

At Granite Creative Group, we are passionate about helping our clients create that spark that takes their business to the next level. We’re always looking for likeminded talent to join our growing team.

Current Roles

Email us if you are interested in learning more about working within any of the following open marketing roles on the Granite Creative team.

Digital Marketing Project Manager - Part-time or Freelance

Granite Creative Group is seeking a talented project manager with significant experience managing and tracking progress of digital marketing projects for our agency’s clients. This is a dynamic role where you could be managing a WordPress web design project one day and working with a social media team to run a campaign the next. The ability to be agile and be ready to pivot is critical within this role. Click here to apply »


Freelance Website Designers, Web Developers and Graphic Designers

Are you passionate about design, SEO, user experience and creating amazing brands? We’d love to chat. Email Randall Graffa at:

Freelance Copywriters and Editors

Love writing, editing and creating copy that really connects and drives results? Let’s connect. Email Anthony Gaenzle at:

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