The Power of YouTube: How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Video Marketing

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Content Marketing, Insights

Many small businesses shy away from video marketing because of misconceptions about the cost and the resources involved in creating quality video content. In today’s digital world, with all the great tools available to marketers, the barriers of cost and resources are largely removed.

Granite Creative Group’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, Anthony Gaenzle, recently was interviewed on the Business Cas’ podcast hosted by Rex Morcom. During the conversation, Anthony and Rex covered the following:

  • How small businesses can stand out with video and YouTube
  • Types of video content that can have the biggest impact
  • The impact of repurposing older content
  • Doing video marketing on a budget
  • General strategic tips to help you get started with video marketing

Click the play button below to hear the full conversation.

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