Jack Lynch

Videographer & IT

p: (717) 556-1063
e: jrl@granitecreativegroup.com 

Jack is a seasoned videographer and IT professional. He is skilled on both the production and post-production side of the digital video production process and has the ability to effectively guide talent to ensure the highest quality video.

Jack also has a strong understanding of lighting and is highly skilled as a camera operator. He brings a certain level of professionalism to each project, which clients (and his co-workers) truly appreciate.

In addition to what Jack brings to the team as a videographer, he is also an integral part in enhancing the agency’s IT systems and ensuring things are always running smoothly.

Jack graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a B.S. in Media Communication and Technology. While in school, he served as president of the Television Club, a campus camera operator and freelance videographer.

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