Remote Working Tip #1: How to Get Setup For Work From Home Success

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Business and Marketing Strategy, Insights

​This first article in our remote working tips series focuses on how to get setup to work effectively from home. We’ll dig into more detail on each of these things later in the series, but we want to give you some insight into the things you’ll need to get setup for work from home success.

A Workspace

This is, perhaps, the most important determining factor in whether you succeed or fail working from home. It’s ok to work on your couch, your porch, or in other non-traditional spots. However, we highly recommend you have a secluded spot in your home dedicated to working. One where all distractions can be shut out with the simple closing of a door. If that’s not possible, then designate a spot in your house to working, and make sure everyone understands that spot is off limits when you’re hard at work.


No matter what your role or what company you work for, there will be some level of communication and collaboration involved. You’ll want to have things like a computer, high-speed internet, a reliable phone (or VoIP service), online communication tools like email and chat, a high-quality printer, a camera for video chats and a collaborative tool to share documents and work together.

Office Supplies

You’ll want to have the traditional office supplies in place as well. Things like pen (or pencil) and paper can be hugely helpful. If you are on a video call and you don’t have an additional monitor to work on, you’ll need another source to take notes. A trusty old pad and pen can do the trick. Sticky notes are still great, and a filing cabinet might even be useful, depending upon your type of work.

To Do List

This can look however you want, but the important thing is that you have it in place. A simple list or even a robust project management tool. You need something to keep your days, weeks and even months in order. Make sure you list out all of your important tasks each day to ensure you accomplish them, and then have a full list available so you can easily see the bigger picture of what needs to get done. Without this, you can easily find yourself going off track.

Stress-free Space

Working from home can be great, but it brings some of the same stresses you might run into at the office, plus some new ones. Create a stress-free space, whether it’s in your home, a walking path nearby, your back porch or even just in front of the tv. Make sure you take breaks, get up, walk around and unwind. Don’t fall into the trap of sitting in front of your computer for 9 to 10 hours at a time (or more).

With these five things in place, you’ll be nicely setup to get off to a positive start working from home. Stay tuned to The Spark for more articles on helping you be successful working remotely.

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