Diving Head First into a New Market  

Reimbursement Pathways is a consulting company that works with healthcare providers in the areas of payer contract evaluation, management, performance and negotiations. The company had developed a business plan and brought on some high-level talent, so the next step was to roll out their offerings to the healthcare market. To do this, they would need a strong marketing effort to gain an initial foothold.


Reimbursement Pathways did not have an in-house marketing team, but they knew that a high-quality website would be a necessity. With multiple pitches to high-potential prospective clients and interested investors already planned, the team would also need some materials to help promote the brand and its offerings, and they would need them fast.


Insight into the market and a strategy to help the company reach its audience


Website optimized for search and user experience


High-impact PowerPoint presentation templates


Professionally designed business cards and stationary


Logo and new set of brand guidelines


Email templates for business development


Web page copy


“We had a very positive experience working on our website design project with the Granite Creative Group team. The site not only looks great, but it’s been very helpful in driving business.”

Michael High – Director of Reimbursement Services – Reimbursement Pathways

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