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Businesses and shifting more and more of their focus to digital marketing since promoting your business online offers the benefits of being more convenient and cost-effective than advertising traditionally.

Promotional campaigns on digital platforms allow brands to increase exposure and enable websites to attract huge traffic – and convert visitors into paying customers.

Despite the additional ease and efficiency of digital marketing, boosting your brand’s reputation online still requires effort, dedication and imagination. And while you can do a lot of free marketing in the digital space, you’ll still want to reserve some budget for paid efforts like digital advertising and sponsored social media post.

Versus traditional advertising, however, you can certainly cut costs, and be super effective. To help you get started, here are a few tried and true digital marketing tips for small business owners to acquire an audience online and grow your business.


Companies create high-quality content to educate their niche and become an authority among their target audience. It would help if you experimented with different content formats, including articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, and infographics.

But blogging remains one of the most popular communication modes in the marketing industry. Writing an engaging and interesting piece of content isn’t difficult. You just have to be sure to write about what your target audience wants to read, and make sure you answer questions your audience is seeking answers to.

Blogs help you provide value to your target market and help you build lasting relationships that result in continued business.

For SEO purposes, we recommend your blog articles should exceed 1,000 words, be furnished with images, and have no errors (statistical/grammatical). This content will drive your entire marketing campaign online – from social media, to advertising, to email, content is key.

Get Local

Your business can’t grow unless you’ve explored the local needs and assessed the native market. Identify what people in your proximity want from your brand.

Which products/services do folks seem interested in locally? How does your merchandise solve the customer’s problem better than your competitor’s?

Therefore, you must create something new, unique, and original. Ensure that you have what nobody else is offering right now. That’s how you get your USPs (unique selling points). If you really understand your local audience’s needs, you can craft your USP to focus specifically on what they need.

Optimize your site for local search, and make sure you’re set up with on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Pages and others.


Every business wishes to access a larger portion of its target audience. That’s why all brands want to appear on the 1st page of Google search results for their core keywords.

SEO enables you to beat the competition and get better rankings online. That’s why small businesses should devise an effective SEO strategy.

The following factors influence your SERP position:

  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Backlinks
  • Technical things like site speed
  • On-page SEO (internal linking, etc.)
  • And about a 195 other factors!

Backlinks (links on other websites link back to your content) signal to search engines that the online community trusts your company. So, businesses employ High-Quality SEO Link Building Services to enhance their digital reputation and establish themselves as authorities. These links connect your brand with millions of potential customers out there.

Video Marketing

It’s difficult to capture your audience’s attention with mere text-based content. People have grown to love images/videos that are easy to comprehend – and add a level of engagement to your content.

The popularity of video-based platforms such as YouTube encouraged small businesses to indulge in this strategy. Now, 51% of marketers call videos the content format with the best ROI.

Creating videos that are 1-2 minutes long increases your content’s visibility and search presence, especially on social media. Make sure that your videos are short, engaging and colorful. You can record brief demonstrations of your product(s) to grab your niche’s attention, post thought leadership videos offering advice in your niche, develop company overview videos and so much more.

Your Website

Your website represents the digital version of your company. It’s the place where you publish your content and host your products/services so interested, potential customers can learn about them.

So, it’s reasonable for brands to design a website visitors find easy to navigate. A poorly designed website results in people abandoning their visits.

Similarly, a slow-loading website contributes to a higher bounce rate. Experts believe that if your site takes over 3 seconds to appear on a computer screen, it’ll lose the consumer’s interest.

Moreover, if your landing page doesn’t contain powerful and effective CTAs, your visitors aren’t being guided properly. So, it’s necessary to hone your on-page SEO and to manufacture an attention-grabbing website.

Free Shipping

Why do people even shop online? A survey revealed that customers prefer e-commerce because of coupons/discounts and customer reviews. But free delivery motivates some 53% of these shoppers. That’s why some experts have concluded that the strength of online shopping lies in the procedure’s convenience.

Also, many shoppers insist on having the option for “free shipping” during checkout. The unavailability of this option often leads to customers abandoning the order. So, unexpected delivery charges contribute to fewer conversions and a poor customer experience. Hence, business organizations should consider offering delivery without any charges to increase their sales.


Online reviews motivate one-third of shoppers to indulge in e-commerce and purchase from a site. That’s why it’s important to contact your customers and gather their feedback. These responses will encourage others to trust your brand.

Reviews and testimonials should be displayed boldly on your website. Make these endorsements publicly visible so they contribute to word-of-mouth advertising. Even negative reviews are opportunities for you to show visitors how you handle criticism and respond to people’s complaints. Find niche-related questions on platforms such as Quora or Reddit and answer them for gathering more followers online.


Enable more customers to reach your brand easily via digital means. Your website traffic shrinks if finding you becomes an arduous task for people. Your customers and prospective customers should be able to locate you on Google Maps and learn about your brand.

Businesses should create Google My Business listings to communicate with people and connect with their niche. Your GMB avatar requires the essential information (name, address, phone number, and opening/closing times) about your company to acquire local traffic.


Shopping cart abandonment is a problem encountered by many online businesses. Statistics show that customers desert 70% of carts without fulfilling the buying cycle.

Also, higher extra costs contribute to most of these instances of abandonment followed by slow delivery and complex checkout procedures.

Therefore, companies implement a remarketing strategy to retarget people who haven’t yet purchased from you. The user’s browser uses cookies to remember his/her internet journey. This information enables companies to show these customers targeted ads. That’s how you win over “lost” consumers by showing them that your product is worth their attention.


E-commerce has become a booming industry since the globalization of the internet in the ’90s. And the United States – being a nation of shoppers – isn’t immune to this Amazon frenzy.

Recent studies show that around 70% of Americans have bought something online, while one-fourth of us are monthly digital shoppers. But here’s the catch! Less than 2% of website visitors eventually make a purchase decision.

In other words, only 1 in 51 of your online sightseers buys from you. So, as a small business owner, you need to turn the tide in your favor. Offer people an excellent customer experience and make it easier for the consumer to contact your company. That’s how modern-day companies gain a digital reputation.

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