[Interview] How to Lead and Drive Innovation During a Crisis

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Business and Marketing Strategy, Insights

During times of crisis, leadership teams are forced to adjust to the changing environment and find solutions to new problems. While this can bring about a lot of stress, anxiety and serious challenges, crisis situations can also bring about innovation.

Often, in times of crisis, the solutions developed change the way we live, not just during the crisis but well into the future. We find new ways to do things, new products are created, and the way companies do business is fundamentally altered.

Granite Creative’s head of marketing and business development, Anthony Gaenzle, recently spoke with Rex Morcom, host of the Business Cas’ podcast on the topic of leadership and innovation during a crisis.

The conversation covered topics like:

  • How leaders can keep teams informed and inspired
  • Ways in which a crisis can bring about innovation
  • The importance of being flexible and agile
  • How to be open to change and embrace it
  • Doing good and pitching in
  • Making sure your team has accurate information

Click below to watch the full interview:

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