How Content and SEO Can Boost Your Personal Brand and Your Business

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Content Marketing, Insights, Search Engine Optimization

I recently had a chance to chat with Sean Sullivan, host of the Converge Coffee podcast. Our conversation focused on the value of harnessing the power of content and SEO to give a boost to your personal brand, grow your career and build authority for you and your business.

For years, SEO and content were at odds. While it was fairly clear to some that there was a connection between the two, both sides often battled about which discipline was superior.

The truth, in the end, is that one would not survive without the other. SEO is what makes content more visible, and content is what allows SEO to do its job.

Without content, there would be no SEO. And without SEO, your content would not have the opportunity to shine.

You can use content and SEO to enhance your personal brand to build authority and give a boost to your career, or you can use the combo to position your company as an industry leader. Whatever your objective, there is clear evidence that content and SEO should be viewed more and more and one interdependent discipline.

Click the play button below to listen to the full conversation to find out how you or your brand could be leveraging the power of content marketing and SEO.

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