Tips for Building Strong Relationships to Grow Your Business

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Business and Marketing Strategy, Insights

Succeeding in the business world isn’t easy, especially if you try to go it alone.

That’s where the power of relationship building comes into play. Building genuine relationships with others in your field can be the key to your success.

If you want to spread the word about your business, why not work together with pros in your niche to leverage each others’ networks? This can help spread the word and allow you each to grow together.

I recently chatted with Sue-Ann Bubacz, Founder of Write Mix for Business. Sue-Ann is also the host of the Mix/Sizzle & Shake Your Business Podcast.

During our conversation, we talked about the importance of building relationships to grow your business, as well as how to go about it. Watch the video below and scroll down for some quick points to help you build real relationships and give your business a serious lift.

Why are relationships so important in business?

Whether you’re a brand new startup, a blog owner, or an established business pro, relationships can lift you up and take your venture to new levels.

By lifting someone else up (as long as you work with the right people) the person (or business) you help up will be very likely to reach back out and lift you up in return.

Here are just a few of the benefits of building relationships.

  • Exposes your brand to new audiences
  • Helps you grow your network
  • Creates good will and collaboration
  • Allows for sharing of ideas and inspiration
  • Opens up business introductions to larger networks
  • Creates opportunities for cross-promotion

Think about the podcast above that you just listened to (or that you skipped and need to go back and check out asap). Sue-Ann and I connected via Twitter, and through that connection we began to help one another share content across our different audiences. This led to the ability for each of us to grow our social media presence as a result.

Sue-Ann has over 9k followers, and I have over 8k, plus you mix in the followers for Granite Creative Group, and each of us are able to mutually benefit by exposing our own brands to the other person’s audience.

Now think about that one relationship expanded 20 times over and how large the opportunity becomes. And this goes beyond marketing.

The benefits of relationship building are infinite, and they expand across all aspects of business. Sharing marketing promotions, making introductions to suppliers and contractors, connections to investors and so much more.

Now that you have a grasp of the “why” part, let’s look at a few tips to help you build these collaborative relationships the right way. 

What tips should you follow when building relationships?

Be Genuine

This is the key. Any relationship you build should be for real. You should honestly and truly be seeking to add as much value for the next person as they do for you. If you fake it, you will be found out. 

And you if you are found out, the word will get around, thus crushing your hopes of building any additional relationships beyond the one(s) you just ruined. 

Add Value

Don’t go into each relationship thinking, “What can this person do for me?”. Think of yourself or your company form the perspective of what value you bring to the relationship. 

Do you offer a large promotional platform? Do you have the ability to secure lower prices from suppliers? Do you have direct access to the top investors? Think about the specific value you add, and go in with that in mind right from the start. 

Once the people you’re trying to build relationships with see the value you offer and notice that you aren’t just out for yourself, they’ll open up and ask how they can help you in return. 

Stay in Touch

No matter what world you work in, you’re super busy these days. So are each of the bloggers, business owners, leaders, suppliers and others with whom you’re trying to build relationships. Since they are all as busy as you are, you won’t always be top of mind. 

To ensure the relationship doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, drop each of your connections a note now and then. Whether it’s a message on Twitter, an email, a phone call or whatever the case may be, just make sure you pop in and remind your connections you’re still there to help if they need it. 

Wrapping it Up 

These are just a few things to keep in mind about the power of relationships and how to create powerful ones. To learn more, scroll back up and click on the video to listen to the full conversation on Sue-Ann’s YouTube channel. 

Don’t try to take on the monumental task of growing your business alone. Work with others to help one another grow. Your life will be easier, your stress will be lower, and your business, blog or other entity will thrive! 

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