The Most Important Factor in Blogging Success

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Content Marketing, Insights

Do you run a blog? Either for your own purposes or for your employer? If so, this piece is for you.

How would you describe the success level of your blog?

For those of you who answered anything less than ‘great’, I would venture to guess the following.

You just aren’t passionate about the subject matter of your blog.

It’s really hard to continue to churn out great, high-quality content if you just aren’t that into the subject about which you’re writing.

To truly be successful at blogging, you need to focus on this one factor – Passion.

Bloggers who are passionate about their subject and passionate about growing their blog are significantly more successful than those who aren’t.

So, what do you do if you just aren’t in love with your blog and the content on it?

What do you do if you aren’t passionate about your blog?

Sometimes we get stuck. Whether you run your own blog and you jumped into a subject you weren’t passionate about because you thought it would make you money, or maybe you got a great job, but then as you got deeper into the role, you realized the content you were creating was just plain boring

So, how do you rekindle your passion for blogging in these types of situations? Let’s take a look.

Add some visuals

Often, companies stay on the plain side when it comes to your blog. To spice it up a bit and add more excitement for you and your readers, try adding visuals to your blog content.

Infographics, images and videos can add a ton of value to your blog, and they can also inspire you to create consistently amazing content. Go beyond the words and create visuals that enhance the piece and add more value for the readers.

A well-designed infographic, for example, can take a boring subject (something like pressure gauges, for example) and make it fun. Think about what makes your boring product or service remarkable, and then add visuals into your blog posts that spice them up a bit.

pressure gauge

Image: Pressure gauge = boring content – Source


Consider a new niche or spin

If you own your blog, maybe it’s time to move on to something else. If you jumped into blogging because you thought a particular subject would make you money but now you hate it, it’s time for a change.

Think about what you’re really passionate about and shift your focus to that new subject.

If you’re an employed blogger running your company’s blog, it’s not always easy to leave and find another job at a more exciting company. So, in lieu of doing that, think about outside-the-box spins you can put on your subject.

For example, General Electric took sounds from its factories and engineering labs and turned those sounds into a song. The video turned out great, and it got a lot of views. It also helped generate excitement around what outsiders may have deemed a boring subject.

Collaborate with others

There’s no reason you should go it alone. If you are bored with your current blog, sitting there and wallowing in your own self-pity won’t help.

Instead, reach out to others within your niche and build relationships. These relationships can help inspire new ideas as you can bounce your thoughts off of others, and you can offer them your advice in return.

Collaboration helps to grow strong connections with people with whom you are “in this thing together.” You can motivate one another to succeed by helping each other grow your respective blogs.

Collaboration also helps you avoid critical blogging mistakes that can crush your blog. By learning from others who’ve been there, you can take steps to ensure you are only focused on things that will help your blog and side-stepping things that can actually hurt your efforts. 

In conclusion

Before you give in and give up, first think about what you can do to bring passion back into your blogging efforts.

Blogging is a long game. You need to be in it like you’re running a marathon, otherwise you will break down at mile three and wave down a taxi for a ride to Quittersville (don’t look it up, it’s not a real place, but you get the point).

Instead of quitting, start planning, and develop a strategy to spice things up. You will be thankful you did, and so will your readers.

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