Anthony Gaenzle

Director of Marketing and Business Development

p: (717) 556-1054

Anthony is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Granite Creative Group. He is a storyteller, a strategist and eternally a student of marketing. Most recently, he served in leadership roles for a global content marketing agency, a highly regarded institute of higher education, a software company and in the legal world.

He began his career offering copywriting and graphic design services as a freelancer. That freelance career ultimately led Anthony to create a marketing consulting business in which he worked with companies across a wide variety of industries to help drive business growth. This experience has allowed him to develop the ability to easily shift focus between industries to help clients across virtually any line of business enhance their marketing and create new business.

Anthony earned an MBA from Clemson University (go Tigers!) as well as a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of South Florida. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication (also from USF) and an Associate of Science from Full Sail University in film and video production. Anthony has been informed by his family that he will not be pursuing any further formal education (no more late nights studying), so instead he continues to improve his craft through articles, books, videos and other educational content.

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